Active Aqua 1/2″ ID White & Black Tubing, 100′

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Active Aqua White & Black Tubing
The White & Black Tubing from Active Aqua is premium, kink-free fertigation tubing for professionals and dedicated hobbyists.  Two premium tubes, one white and one black, have been fused together.  The white exterior reflects light and heat to prevent the degradation of your valuable nutrient solutions, and the black interior prevents unwanted light penetration.  Growers have reported high temperatures in black tubing, and algae growth in white PVC pipe.  Active Aqua White & Black Tubing avoids these common issues.  For outdoor growers, the tubing features UV inhibitors for longer life in sunny environments.  It’s also kink resistant, even when forced into turns or loops!  Active Aqua tubing is designed to be snug-fit, so it won’t easily come loose from fittings or drains.  Upgrade your irrigation system today!

  • Double thick – white exterior, black interior
  • Kink-free and snug fit
  • Lightproof
  • Meets European standards for food safety
  • PSI Limit 270 psi

Available in four sizes:
Active Aqua 1″ ID White & Black Tubing, 100′ – HGTB100WB
Active Aqua 1/4″ OD White & Black Tubing, 100′  – HGTB25WB
Active Aqua 1/2″ ID White & Black Tubing, 100′ – HGTB50WB
Active Aqua 3/4″ ID White & Black Tubing, 100′ – HGTB75WB

USP: Made from premium materials

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